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by Bobby Phillips on Act with Faith
An Important Landmark

It is deliciously exciting to read a Bible-believing Christian author whose knowledge of behavior analysis exceeds the college-introduction level of Francis Schaeffer and the facile rationalism of Gordon H. Clark. I wish dearly that I had read Ord’s work when I was in West Virginia University’s graduate program five years ago.
As an American member of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), I own that I have misgivings about Ord’s willingness to apply The Message translation, to pull in the meditation traditions of Roman Catholic mystics, and to adopt the relationship/religion dichotomy that I personally find to be driving young Evangelicals farther and farther away from structured supervision in the Faith.
However, I celebrate her focus on experimental religion over and against the dead faith of verbal behavior about God with no practical wisdom. I revel in her appreciation for the actual message of Ecclesiastes as one of present-minded dependence on God, and I applaud her Luther-esque emphasis on the liberating feeling of knowing that one's self in context is _simul iustus et peccator_.
I have said many times in the course of my graduate education that it is important that behavior analysis learn to play nice with the Judeo-Christian culture it serves if it is to continue to attract business, and Ord's book is a great step in that direction.

Secular Therapy

I had no desire to work with a secular therapist and only went to my psychologist because I knew that she was a Christian. This is why your book is so important. Secular therapists must be aware of a Christian’s desire for Christian understanding of their needs. Secular solutions just will not do! Matthew 11 28-30 offers a far simpler solution than most therapists would offer and simple is better! The more complicated and intellectual the solution, the less likely the everyday Christian is to seek it and abide by it.

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