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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Christian clients – a Practitioners Guide

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Secular Therapy

I had no desire to work with a secular therapist and only went to my psychologist because I knew that she was a Christian. This is why your book is so important. Secular therapists must be aware of a Christian’s desire for Christian understanding of their needs. Secular solutions just will not do! Matthew 11 28-30 offers a far simpler solution than most therapists would offer and simple is better! The more complicated and intellectual the solution, the less likely the everyday Christian is to seek it and abide by it.


Thank you for this excellent book (ACT in Faith). What a terrific job you have done in translating ACT concepts into the Christian world view and idiom. And I can see that the client handouts will be such a useful resource.

I Read the Whole Manual

I read the whole manual in one sitting and absolutely loved it. ..... Around 80% will never even seek treatment, which leaves a huge number of suffering (often paralyzed) Christians. What if all those people with SAD continued to experience symptoms, yet lived incredibly purposeful and meaningful lives anyway? The way Act with Faith embraces suffering as a part of purposeful living is so refreshing, and biblically accurate.

I will be contacting you in the future for permission to use quotes. Thank you for making this book happen. I plan to recommend it to my peers.

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