ACT with Faith Client Handouts

The client handouts, which appear as appendices at the back of this book, are an invaluable aid in therapy with Christian clients. The references from the Bible have been collected over many years and checked for applicability by theologians. The written explanations provide information on issues that could cause concern, such as meditation, the pragmatic truth criterion, or freely chosen values. These were specifically written to provide the therapist with tools that they need not research themselves, in other words time-saving and accurate explanations that can be used by therapists who have not studied the Christian tradition and worldview. Each Christian client will benefit from a full set, but they are provided as individual handouts to enable the therapist to provide as needed.

The hand-outs for clients, included at the back of the book, may only be used as an adjunct to therapy with an experienced and trained ACT therapist.
In no way are they to be used on their own, for any purposes outside therapy with a trained ACT therapist, without permission from the author.
Hand-outs are available to bona-fide therapists for a nominal fee of 50p per handout per client

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