The Story behind ACT with Faith

During 2002 I began a journey that was to change my life. I discovered ACT, started practising mindfulness, and began to notice gradual changes in my thinking and behaviour patterns. Over time, I noticed that these changes were taking me consistently towards what I wanted my life as a Christian to look like. I gradually introduced what I was learning into my professional practice, when I had Christian clients who gave their consent. I have no research, yet, to quantify what happened, but I have seen, and received a lot of feedback about, more flexibility and vitality in the lives of my Christian clients.In this book I am offering you the knowledge that I have gained by putting into practise the information gained by simultaneously learning ACT and reading the Bible over the past 8 years.I have learned experientially, through a number of workshops and conferences, how to apply ACT in my life.

This is not an evangelical document; that is not my intention here. My hope is that it will be technically useful to my valued colleagues, who, over the years, have honoured our spiritual differences with respect, and helped me to put my thoughts into words. Very seldom have my beliefs been challenged (as in whether they represent the ‘truth’ or not), rather our informal discussions have revolved around how ACT relates to Christian teaching and whether I find any problems in working with the two approaches together. This has helped me to verbalize the advantages and disadvantages in practising ACT