About Ingrid Ord


Ingrid Ord is a very experienced ACT practitioner who has studied the connection between ACT and Christianity for over a decade, in three different countries. She shares with you the knowledge gained through living out ACT as a Christian, and providing individual, couples and group therapy to literally hundreds of Christians.


Many hours of study of the Scripture, and reading through the Bible annually whilst applying ACT principles within her own life and the lives of her clients, has resulted in a treasure trove of ACT relevant references. The richness of Bible characters with their suffering and teaching provides an invaluable resource for therapists who may not have the same beliefs, but who may refer to these for the benefit of their Christian clients.


Ingrid welcomes communication from readers and comments, suggestions and constructive criticism. This work is seen, by her, as being part of the community involvement of the entire Association for Contextual and Behavioral Sciences (ACBS). It is her hope that this will be only the beginning of a growing body of knowledge in this area.


Ingrid is available to do groups for the public, and for therapists who wish to learn more about this topic. She is also well practised in video- conferencing and has clients in many different countries. Please feel free to  contact her in this regard.

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