Mindfulness & Christian Meditation CD




The CD spells out in simple terms what the Bible has to say about meditation and how the practice of mindfulness can help


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[gpp_icon type=”audio”]Introduction
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]What is the point of Mindfulness?
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]What is Christian Meditation
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘Be Still’– a Meditation
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘Words’ – a Meditation
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]Doing your own Meditation
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]Meanings of the word ‘Meditation’ in the Bible
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘The Word of God’
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[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘The Works of God’
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘The Son of God’
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘Things that Please God’
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘Eternal Things’
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]Examples of Exercises
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘Awareness of Breathing’
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]‘Mindfulness of Thoughts’
[gpp_icon type=”audio”]Final Bits from other Christians

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