ACT with Faith Book Reviews

Dr Jennifer Gregg PH.D; Associate Professor, San Jose State University, San Jose, California, USA.

“This book is an incredible resource for anyone who seeks to speak the language of their Christian clients in therapy. Ingrid Ord has done a superb job bringing functional contextualism and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Christians in a way that supports, and is supported by, their religion, and she expertly guides ACT therapists working with Christian clients who identify strongly with their faith. Through a rich assortment of scriptural references and client handouts, this book provides invaluable tools for working with Christian clients in a way that not only does not undermine or contradict Christian religious beliefs, but beautifully supports them.”

Joy R, ACT with Faith, pg 127,

“…. this I think is one of the most powerful tools you have ever shared with me, and… others. It’s so tangible and provides clarity when you are feeling ‘messy’. It’s a cross and yet feels like an anchor when you use it. I especially notice how men relate to a model that is so clear. The model and the ‘name’ provide relevance and respect for what this model is, does, and stands for. It is Christ centered and the name highlights this fact.”

Julie R, MA, Oregon

“I read the whole manual in one sitting and absolutely loved it. As I mentioned earlier, I am working on a book about social anxiety specifically for Christians. The traditional treatment models for Social Anxiety Disorder are woefully inadequate (CBT, etc.), with at least a 40% rate of nonresponders. Around 80% will never even seek treatment, which leaves a huge number of suffering (often paralyzed) Christians. What if all those people with SAD continued to experience symptoms, yet lived incredibly purposeful and meaningful lives anyway? The way Act with Faith embraces suffering as a part of purposeful living is so refreshing, and biblically accurate.”

Audrey L

“Thank you for this excellent book (ACT in Faith). What a terrific job you have done in translating ACT concepts into the Christian world view and idiom. And I can see that the client handouts will be such a useful resource.”